Dynamite Baits

21 febrero, 2017 | Match & Coarse | Novedades

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Last weekend Will Mc Carnnor went to the river Wye at Hereford for the first ever under 25’s Wye Festival sponsored by Diawa. It was a two day event and each angler had one day at Belmont and one day at Bartonshom.

«On the first I drew peg 92 at Belmont, which was a mediocre peg in the section but I felt I had a good chance of a decent result. I set up 2 Perfect Gloucester floats in a 3g and 4g float for catching dace at 13m and a 4g flat float to try and catch some of the big resident perch, I also set up a Bolo rod and a waggler rod just in case the fish backed off the pole line. At the start I threw in 10 balls of a 50/50 mix of Dynamite Frenzied Hempseed Match Black and molehill soil, packed with heepseed, casters and maggots.

I started to catch some good stamp dace almost straight away and I continued to catch for the next hour. After this I started to struggle a little bit and I soon became aware that this was because there was a huge pike in my swim. I fished this swim for the rest of the match and just tried to get as many fish as I could past the pike. I finished with 16lb 10oz which was good enough to win the section, with 12lb coming second.

On the second day I drew peg 7 at Bartonshom which really had struggled the day before and the lad on it only caught one minnow. I set up a maggot feeder with a 5ft hooklength on to cast 3/4 away across the river and a waggler rod just in case a few chub decided to feed. To cut a long story short, I’ve chucked the feeder for 4 hours and 50 minutes without a bite and then all of a sudden my tips gone round and I’ve had a chub. My chub weighed 3lb 9oz which was enough for 3rd in my 7 peg section as only 2 others had caught.
This left me on 4 points and 2nd overall in the festival which I was really pleased about as the class of anglers there has been really high. It was a really good experience I’m really looking forward to getting back there soon.»

Will McCranor


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