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17 September, 2014 | Karpfen | Tips | Artikel

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Dynamite boilies are packed full of attractors; both powders and liquids that when in the water start working for you in a number of different ways. A bait straight out the bag can be deadly, however this doesn’t mean you cant make your chosen Dynamite boilie unique to you and make it work even harder for you when on the lake bed.

The easiest way I do this is to add liquids to your baits, both freezer and shelf life. By picking the right liquids you can make sure that your boilies stand out from the crowd and most importantly encourage your target species to find your bait more easily and trigger them into feeding harder and more aggressively and of course this ultimately makes them easier to catch.

Dynamite have a number of scientifically designed liquids in the range that are perfect for use on your boilies and many of the baits in the range even have specific liquids attractants that are ready mixed so you don’t have to spend loads of money buying different liquid to make the best concoction.

On a recent trip to the stunning Ladywell Fishery in Essex I took a few 1kg bags of the wonderfully smelling Red-Amo which is a twist on the all conquering Monster Tiger Nut. It has a beautiful smooth, sweet smell and would undoubtedly have caught well straight out the bag. However I wanted to give mine a little boost, I love a burger but it tastes loads better with some Ketchup on!

I chose one of the purpose designed liquids, the Monster Tiger Nut Liquid Attractant as well as the awesome new Premium CSL Liquid Carp Food

Tiger Nut

You only use a tiny bit of each liquid so these bottles last a long time, remember I am not soaking them, simply coating them, if you get it right they will absorb all the excess and will have a sheen over them, perfect for the catapult or throwing stick.


The Red-Amo shelf life baits even come in a zip-lock bag for freshness, it is also perfect for adding the liquids too as the bags don’t leak. To a 1kg bag of Red-Amo I add 1 cap full of the Monster Tiger Nut liquid and 2 capfuls of the Premium CSL liquid; this simply gets tipped into the bag and sealed, give it a good shake so the liquids combine and you are ready to go. I like to do mine at least 24 hours before my trip, this gives the bait the time to absorb as much of the liquid as possible leaving that sheen I have mentioned.

Once the bait has been left for a day or two and given the odd shake all the excess will have been absorbed and the bait will be left with the perfect sheen.

Red Amo boilies

On a recent session I fished two spots, the boilie spot was rocking from the start and produced a number of stunning carp, I have no doubt that the added liquid attractors played a major role in that success.

Red Amo boilies

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