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31 Juli, 2018 | Karpfen | News | Catches

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Carp angler, Craig McEvoy achieved what most carp anglers can only dream of when he banked an amazing three UK forties in a single session.

44lb avenue carp on red amo

43.14 Big Bertha, the first fish of Craig’s epic trio



Fishing the famous RH Fisheries water, The Avenue, Craig began his explosive session by baiting his swim with around 5kg of Monster Tiger Nut Red Amo boilies along with some Frenzied Hemp, Hemp and Snails and Crushed Frenzied Tiger Nuts.

The three specimens weighing 44lb 2oz, 43lb 12oz and 42lb 4oz fell to Multi rigs with Red Amo pop-ups, fished to a gravel bar at aorund 70 yards out.

All three fish sounded Craig’s alarms in the day time as he slipped the 43lb specimen over the chord before the larger of the two lumps made an appearance. The day then rounded out with a 42lb 4oz fish known as ‚The Babe‘ to cap a session to remember.

Craig said: „I had a 39lb a couple of days before but this session just tops the lot and I dont think I will ever repeat it. The Red Amo has been a great bait for me on this venue and this catch just confirms why I like it so much.“

red amo boilies for carp craig mcevoy avenue 40

Craig’s 44lb 4oz carp also fell to a Red Amo pop-up


44lb 2oz craig mcevoy avenue carp fishing catch

The last of Craig’s 40’s ‚The Babe‘ at 42lb 4oz

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