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22 September, 2017 | Karpfen | Artikel | News | World Carp Classic

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This years Dynamite sponsored World Carp Classic certainly lived up to its name as a classic. The scene was set with a return to Lac de Madine, France, where some of the best carp anglers from around the world would battle it out to become crowned champions.

In its 19th year, the history behind the World Carp Classic means that it is the top carp fishing competition that a lot of people want to own. As per usual, there were quite a few Dynamite backed teams in the competition from Spain, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany and France and all were confident that they could catch fish. The question was; could they catch the bigger fish, as only the three biggest fish from each team counted and the total weight of those three fish would be entered into competition? Three fish around the 20kg would certainly see them high on the leaderboard.

Official WCC Photo

Official WCC 2017 Map

After registration, the draw took place on the Sunday. Some teams were happy with their pegs, others not! The competition itself started with a bang at 14:00 on the Monday after the huge logistical operation of getting everyone to their pegs. This was truly an international competition with anglers from as far afield as New Zealand. The weather conditions for the five days ahead looked perfect for catching carp and after the initial noise, the lake just need to settle a little before fish would start to get on the feed. The first fish came just before dark from peg 81 of the Jochym Marine Section and it was great start with the fish weighing in at 19.4kg.

Explosive start!

1st fish of the competition

The Dynamite backed teams in pegs 4 and 11 both had a great start to the event, the fish weren’t as big as the leaders in other areas of the lake but they were off the mark. Robin Red and Red-Amo boilies and tiger nuts were the way forward for the Dynamite teams. „So a few fish around the lake have been reported …including a couple for the guys on Dynamite Baits: Jan Ulak on peg 4 with a 16.1kg on a single Red-Amo. Bjorn his partner has also lost one at the net. Team Spain are also off the mark with a 7.3kg in peg 11”. Part of the problem was that others from around the lake were catching fish as big as 24.3kg (German team in peg 87). The defending champions had caught an 18.1kg fish and the guys that had drawn the Lowrance VIP peg 28 were in the lead with a couple of 18kg+ carp. One fish from peg 37 of the Dynamite Section went 24.2kg.

Jan Ulak with his first fish of the competition on Red-Amo

Dynamite team Spain

Peg 24 in the Dynamite section

The Wednesday started with a big change in the weather. It was announced early in the day there would be a boat ban leaving people struggling to get the rods out. This seemed unfair to anglers fishing in quiet bays, but down the dam wall anglers were being battered by the strong winds and rain; some bivvies were even flattened. Fish were still being caught, but most anglers weren’t fishing properly and were getting frustrated by the weather, although it looked great for catching carp. The Dynamite guys in peg 11 remained consistent, as did the guys in peg 28.

A temporary boat ban was enforced

Frank Granados and Angel Bonal

Two anglers in peg 36 of the Dynamite Section fished hard throughout the harsh conditions and were rewarded with catching a stunning 22.4kg common. They were fishing right on the end of the strong wind and the area looked fantastic for some more fish. The ever consistent Dynamite team in peg 11 continued to catch, but again these were small fish around the 8 to 10kg mark. The boat ban was lifted later that evening and everyone resumed fishing and got their rods back out on the right spots. The result by morning was superb.

A stunning common from Dynamite section peg 36

The ban was lifted and the rods were back out on the right spots

On the Thursday morning big fish were reported from all over the lake. 20kg+ fish had been reported from several pegs and it was becoming difficult to work out who was in the lead, as it was changing all of the time. Finally it was reported that the team in the Dynamite Section peg 36 had taken the lead with a 17.1kg common. These guys were on a roll, but the wind was gradually slowing and some thought that the fish might back up into the nature reserve once things had quietened down. The defending champions then suddenly took the lead with a 22.9kg mirror from peg 84. The atmosphere was electric with teams jumping each other by the hour.

Defending champions with a mirror of 22.9kg

Radek Bis, Dynamite Czech on 34 opened his account nicely with a 22,9kg mirror

Carp Spirit Dynamite Austria with a 19,3kg mirror

Tim Paisley and Lee Jacking caught the biggest fish of the competition at 25.5kg from peg 76 early on the Friday. However, during the night the German team that caught the 24.3kg from peg 87 earlier in the week regained the lead. Later that afternoon the Czech team (the defending champions) suddenly regained the lead with a huge fish of 23.2kg mirror. This meant they had three fish over the 20kg mark: 22.9kg, 20.0kg and 23.2kg. It looked like they were going to win. However, as predicted the wind dropped right off and fish the being seen and caught from peg 75, right next Tim Paisley and Lee Jackson.

Biggest fish of the competition at 25.5kg

Late into the final night reports started to come in that Tim Paisley and Lee Jackson had caught another 25kg fish. At 03:00 more reports came in about another big fish from peg 76 where they were fishing. Time was ticking for the 08:00 finish and reports were still coming in from other parts of the lake, but it transpired that they had indeed won with a last minute dash for the line and had secured a victory in one of the most exciting carp fishing competitions ever. Even anglers that blanked said that they thought it was the best competition that they had ever had the pleasure of fish in.

The Dynamite anglers all fished really well and all the teams caught, although it wasn’t to be in the main event they did collect 2nd and 3rd place in the Team Competition.

A big congratulations to Tim Paisley and Lee Jackson on their fantastic win, in a very hard fought competition, from all the team at Dynamite. Roll on 2018 !!

2017 WCC Champions

Celebration time

Dynamite Team 2 – Jerome Keller, Julian Pennerad, Jasime Schuster & Rene Jauker 2nd place in the Team Event

Dynamite team Czech and Spain collect 3rd prize

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