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18 November, 2019 | Carp | News


Super Sumbar For Cuderman and Srecko

Srečko Karadžić and Kristof Cuderman bank fish to a massive 31.4kg during epic trip to Croatia hotspot..

31.4kg mirror srecko

This 31.4kg mirror for Srecko topped and epic trip


Kristof tells the story…

“My group of friends and I all had big hopes for the Šumbar fishing session in November with the time just before winter when carp are the heaviest. The weather forecast was great – lots of rain, cloudy, temperatures not too low – so I was sure we will have a great session.

I say many times that you can never be totally sure in fishing. It was the same this time as the carp were active one day and totally inactive the next despite the constant weather. The fishing was unpredictable and therefore very interesting.

Srečko and I used Squid & Octopus and Robin Red boilies. We mixed Robin Red boilies with different sizes of Robin Red pellets. Along with that we fed with a mix of Frenzied particles and hemp.


robin red boilies for lake sumbar


Despite the fluctuations the session was really successful. Srečko caught his personal best mirrow 31,4 kg and my heaviest carp of the session weighed 29,1 kg. We also added 5 carp over 20 kg. All together we landed 29 carp.”

Here’s some of their catches:

29.1kg sumbar kristof cuderman

Kristof’s biggest of the trip at 29.1kg


22.4kg kristof cuderman





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