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17 May, 2018 | Carp | Tips


The Ronnie Rig has taken the carp fishing world by storm in the last couple of years and has become one of the best rigs for catching big carp. Want to know how to tie it? Follow Ian Russell’s simple, step by step guide to tying the Ronnie Rig…

Why is a Ronnie Rig so good? 

Without a doubt, the Ronnie Rig has become the ‘must use’ rig in recent years and with good reason.

Comprising of either a stiff or semi-stiff boom, it presents perfectly every time, is tangle free and will re-set itself if picked-up by birds or nuisance species.

Fished with either a pop-up or wafter, the high success rate of this rig is due to its incredible responsiveness. Plus, as the hook is mounted on a swivel, it offers superb hookbait movement which even the wariest of carp struggle to deal with.


What situation can you use Ronnie rigs for?

What baits are best for fishing a Ronnie? Its a rig that suits using a pop-up bait that can be fished almost anywhere on any venue, whether it be to showing fish, low weed, silt and gravel.


What components do I need?

Carp Spirit Medium Curve Razor Point Hooks, hook bead, shrink tubing, bait screw, tungsten putty, quick change ring swivel and choice of hook link material.


How do I tie a Ronnie or Spinner Rig?



Step 1: Firstly, thread a small length of Carp Spirit Shrink Tube onto the shank of the hook.

Step 2: Next, attach the QC Rolling Ring Swivel to the eye of the hook.


Step 3: Slide the length of shrink tubing over the QC swivel.


Step 4: Carefully shrink the tubing using a small heat gun or kettle steam.

Step 5: Now, thread a size 11 swivel onto the hook.



Step 6: Trap the swivel on the hook by using a Hook Rig Stop.


Step 7: To finish the rig, tie the Opti-Mex boom to the rig swivel and then bait-floss a pop-up onto the small swivel.


Ian Russell says: 

“I’ve been using this rig almost entirely since receiving my first pack of Medium Curve Shank Razor Point hooks and I can’t see myself changing in the near future.

The hooks themselves are the sharpest hooks straight from the packet that I’ve ever used!

As this rig sits so low to the lake bed, i believe it’s not treated with suspicion, so its hooking potential in incredible.”


Watch how to tie Ian Russell’s Ronnie Rig:

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