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31 January, 2020 | Carp | Match & Coarse | News


Dynamite Animal Feed Registration GB/258/R1244

At Dynamite fish welfare and the environment is as high on our agenda as making baits which anglers have the upmost confidence in.
Recent legislation has confirmed that recreational fishing bait such as boilies, pellets and groundbaits are now classified as ‘Animal Feed’ within the UK and European Union. As a result, these products can only contain ingredients approved in the Catalogue of Feed Materials or Register of Feed Additives. Hook baits, pop-ups and liquids are exempt from this.

Considered product development and using state of the art manufacturing processes means the majority of our baits already fell in line with the new measures however over the last 12 months we have worked hard to satisfy other requirements and are now proud to confirm that we are a Registered Feed Company number GB/258/R1244.

This is now a requirement of Trading Standards for all bait manufacturers and you should now start to see this number displayed on the packaging. Carefully selecting our ingredients from fully approved suppliers ensures end to end traceability.

You may notice one or two small changes to some of your favourite baits in the form of a minor colour change. However, rest assured this will not make any difference to the effectiveness of the bait, if anything with more natural ingredients this will ensure they are even more irresistible to the fish.

What baits are not included in the regulations?

Hookbaits are not included in the regulation as they are classed as a lure attached to end tackle and not a feed bait.

Will Brexit affect the new laws?

No, these rules are now applicable in the UK and enforced by the Trading Standards and the FSA. It has been confirmed that they will continue to after the UK leaves the EU on January 31st 2020.

Who is affected by the regulations?

All bait companies by law must adhere to the new regulations as well as the companies that supply them with raw ingredients. For example, Haith’s who provide us with Robin Red®.


More about the Feed Accreditation can be found on the Food Standards website:


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