Dynamite Baits

29 July, 2019 | Carp | Anglers


Name: Giovanni Borgognoni

Also known as: JO

Age: 32

Hometown & Country: Milano/Italy

Occupation: Cook

PB Mirror: 29,5 kg

PB Common: 31,2 kg

Other PB: Grass carp 22 kg

Favorite boilie: The Crave, Hi Attract Squid & Octopus

Most used rig: Blowback rig, Stiff rig

Countries fished: Italy, France

Favourite venue: Lake Maggiore and big natural lakes

Top Carp fishing tip: Precision, observation, study and silence

Highlight of the fishing career: I fished 10 days alone at lake Pusiano, I prepared in detail in search of the perfect fish and caught my new PB of 31,2kg, it wasn’t down to luck but commitment

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