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14 марта, 2017 | Carp | News

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My last trip of 2016 was to amazing Rainbow Lake in France. It was only supposed to be a one week session, but a few days before I got a call from my Dutch friend to say there was an option to stay for two weeks due to some cancellations… I couldn’t refuse! I packed some extra kilos of CompleX-T boilies and was ready for two December weeks on my favourite water.

French lake

My favourite water

Due to the trip being around Christmas time and my friend getting sick I had to go on my own… not the perfect scenario, but I didn’t hesitate for a second!

I spent the first week on peg 16. I found out that there were only a few fish caught in this area the week before so I didn’t really know what to expect

As usual I spent some time in the boat looking for spots. It takes good few hours to sort out 4 spots, especially as I was going to leave my baits in the water for a few days!

By the evening the rigs were in position and the waiting game began… Nothing happened until the famous Big Fish Thursday and it really was Big Fish Thursday!

December in France

First week I spent in peg 16

The first take came around 1pm by the Brazilian tree (the main spot in that peg) and it was a 24kg /52lb common, I couldn’t ask for better start! I hadn’t moved my 20mm Red-Amo hardened hookbait since Saturday, I was just topping-up every few days with my particle mix and some crushed Red-Amo and CompleX-T boilies.

1st take

Caught on 20mm Red-Amo hardened hookbait

I re-positioned the rod about 2 metres off the spot where I’d caught the fish and around 6-7pm I had another take from the same spot! This time it was a bit bigger… a 28.8kg/63.9lb common and a new PB common, just few ounces off my summer PB mirror also from Rainbow!

Big thanks to the Spanish boys from peg 14 who I called for pictures. I didn’t want to risk keeping the fish too long out of water to take pictures of my own!


New PB common and just few ounces off my summer PB

I stuck to the same routine… I put a new but slightly washed-out in lake water Red-Amo boilie on the hair, and a few scoops of crushed CompleX-T/Red-Amo combo and put the rig by the «Brazilian». I was sure I’d have a quiet night ahead of me, but around 11pm I had third take on the same rod! This time it was 24kg/52lb mirror. Crazy day! I will never doubt Big Fish Thursday again!

Nothing else happened until Saturday when I had to pack-up and move to peg 21. It was empty the week before so I didn’t have any information about where the fish are and if they are there at all! It took me few hours to get everything sorted. I had a quick shower, talked to some new and old friends on the way to new peg and by evening I was set up on the platform on 21.

I was told it could be tricky on that peg in December and it sure it was! I got some pointers where to fish from friends but most of fish the I caught during that week were from new spots I’d found while in the boat. What’s more interesting was I caught 5 fish all from different spots and depths ranging from 1.5m/5ft to 3.8m/12ft.

The biggest one was a 19kg/41lb common and mirror. On the last night around 3am I had my final bite and first at night (perfect before a 2000km trip back home haha). This rod was in the water 7 days and it was smallest fish of the session, probably around 15lb at its best!

Rainbow Lake common

1 of 5 fish all from different spots

In the second week I switched some rods to CompleX-T hookbaits and for sure my main weapon for this year will be Red-Amo/CompleX-T combo!

As always, I loved every single second of the trip and already can’t wait for my 2 week session in the summer and winter!

Tight lines!

Thomas Cywka

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