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Big Fish River Durable Hookers – Shrimp & Krill

About the Product

A new addition to the Big Fish River Range. Durable Hookbaits. High leakage and three flavours perfect for barbel, chub and carp fishing on running water.

A fast breakdown, highly attractive hookbait which is designed to draw river fish into your swim by oozing flavours downstream. The perfect size for barbel, chub and carp the hookers are soft and squidgey enough to be hooked direct but firm enough to be hair-rigged and stay on without coming off.

  • Available in all three Big Fish River flavours – Meaty Furter, Cheese & Garlic and Shrimp & Krill and a Marine Halibut flavour to match the current 2019 MH durables.
  • High leakage, 1 hour breakdown for quick impact bites. Starts working as soon as hits the water
  • Soft enough to hook direct but durable enough to stay on the hook when casting. Can also be hair-rigged
  • 12-13mm size approx.
  • New process makes them slightly tougher than original Swim Stim Durables.

The Range

Groundbait – Shrimp & Krill
Groundbait – Cheese & Garlic
Groundbait – Meat-Furter
Hookbaits – Shrimp & Krill
Hookbaits – Cheese & Garlic
Hookbaits – Meat Furter
Paste – Shrimp & Krill
Paste – Cheese & Garlic
Paste – Meat-Furter
Liquid – Shrimp & Krill
Liquid – Cheese & Garlic
Liquid – Meat Furter

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