Dynamite Baits

30 marca, 2017 | Spławik & Ryby spokojnego żeru | Wędkarze

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Michael Hall, AKA Ginger, has been on the match circuit for years and has plenty of experience competing at the top level. He’s always on hand to help out and is one of the most approachable anglers you will meet.






Name: Michael Hall

Also known as: Ginger

Hometown: I live in Christchurch

Occoupation: Bournemouth Water

Team: NG carp in Austria

Biggest match weight: 260lb orchard lakes

Favourite bait: The Source Pellets and Swim Stim Re-loaded

Favourite method: fishing up in the water wagler or pole

Favourite venue: Viaduct fishery and orchard lake

Top angling tip: fish as fine as you can get away with

Biggest achievement: Landing a 34lb carp on the pole in Austria

Aim in Angling: life to help others and promote Dynamite





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