Dynamite Baits

8 marca, 2017 | Karp | Wędkarze

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• Name: Marvin wait

• Nick Name: Marv

• Hometown: Sheffield

• Occupation: Billy Clarke fishing tackle employee

• PB uk common: 32.8

• PB uk mirror: 34.4

• Favourite boilie: Monster Tiger nut

• Most used rig: Any pop up rig as long as it’s low to the deck

• Favourite venue: The BP Pit

• Fish you would most like to catch: To many to list but I would have loved to fish the car park lake in its hey Day

• Highlight of angling career: sharing good times with The friends I have met and the memories we made along the way

• Aim in angling: To keep enjoying my fishing

• Top carp angling tip: Fish to your strengths


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