Dynamite Baits

31 stycznia, 2018 | Spławik & Ryby spokojnego żeru | Wędkarze | Pin

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Name: Andy May

Also known as: Oosh

Hometown: Middlewich, Cheshire

Occupation: Fishing Coach

Team: None currently

Biggest Match weight is 427lbs from Cob house fisheries

Favourite bait is Maggots, casters and worms as they catch absolutely everything

Favourite method is waggler or stick float for dirty great big chubs

Favourite commercial venue is Partridge lakes as its something for everyone and the fishing is amazing. Favourite natural venue is the River Dane as its 5 mins walk from my house and brilliant for the bestest fish in the world, chub

Career highlight….Although winning the fishomania title in 2016 ranks right up there id say winning the kamasan matchman of the year title 3 years on the bounce back in 2000 was the thing that really got me noticed as these were competitions for 50 or more anglers and I had to fish a whole number of different venues from canals with literally 3 daddy ruffe in them to carp waters with like a million pounds of carp in them!

Top Tips…..Dont whatever you do eat yellow snow or let rip in an elevator!

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