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Terry Hearn’s Premium Carp Fishing Boilie

Our initial brief to Terry was ‘don’t hold back’ we want to develop a carp fishing bait that you would happily use anywhere, have 100% confidence in and finally, must be beneficial to the overall health of the carp.   Terry wanted a subtle bait with lower flavour levels, a coarse and open texture that would break down quickly and be easily digested by the carp. CompleX-T has been created using the best quality ingredients including Norwegian LT94 fishmeal, Haith’s birdfood and Robin Red, pre-digested liver extract, spirulina and high nucleotide yeast.


With its soft open texture for maximum leakage (just put some in a glass of water and watch what happens) and with no artificial colours or flavours we believe we have created a bait that will catch fish on any water and ultimately stand the test of time! Part of its success is that it’s readily accepted as natural food and is easily digested all year round – a true food bait that will take your carp fishing to the next level! With the inclusion of an exclusive and specially developed feed trigger added to the complex and complete nutritional profile, the response we have witnessed to the bait over the last 18 months during field testing has been mind blowing. Now it’s available don’t miss out on this complex fishmeal, deep and subtle meaty boilie.  For more information on CompleX-T click here

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  • LT94 fishmeal
  • Antarctic krill meal
  • Haiths CLO®
  • Haiths Robin Red®
  • Pre-digested Liver
  • Yeast
  • Fenugreek
  • Spirulina
  • Exclusive feed trigger

The Range

    • Shelf life boilies 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm – 1kg & 5kg bags
    • 14mm dumbells – 1kg
    • 26mm – 350g bags
    • Base Mix & Liquid Kit – 1kg
    • Freezer baits – 15mm and 18mm – 5kg bags
    • 14mm dumbells – 1kg
    • Hookbait Concentrate Dip – 100ml
    • Re-hydration liquid attractant – 500ml
    • Hardened hookbaits
    • Wafters – 14mm
    • Fluro pop-ups – 10, 15, 20mm
    • Pop-ups – 15 and 20mm
    • Pellets – 4, 6 and 8mm
    • TUFF Paste

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