Dynamite Baits

20 kwietnia, 2018 | Spławik & Ryby spokojnego żeru | Porady

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A simple step by step guide on how to prepare and mix  SwimStim Extreme Paste for carp and match fishing.

This guide should help with…

  • How to create the perfect paste consistency.
  • How much water should I use when making paste?
  • How to fish with paste and the rig to use.


STEP 1: Pick from free flavours, Krill, Betaine Green or Amino Original




STEP 2: Pour the required amount into a mixing bowl (around half a bag for a full day session)


swimstim extreme paste


STEP 3: Pour in the water ( Around 1 part water to 2 parts Extreme Paste mix)

how to mix extreme paste for carp

STEP 4: Agitate the mix until you get a sticky, slightly sloppy texture

mixing paste for match fishing

STEP 5: Leave to stand for around 10 minutes

leave Extreme Paste to stand

STEP 6: Test your paste, it should now be firm and sticky

paste thats ideal for hookbait

STEP 7: Wrap it around a hookbait such as a SwimStim Match Mini or use it on a paste cage or direct on the hook.

Swimstim Extreme Paste is ideal for wrapping around a hookbait


Paste uses:

  • Pole fishing in the margins for carp, tench, bream and F1’s
  • Bomb fishing
  • Feeder fishing
  • River fishing
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