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23 kwietnia, 2018 | Karp | Porady | Artykuły

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Its one of carp fishing’s most versatile and successful rigs. Want to know how to tie it? Follow our simple, step by step guide to tying the Multi Rig…


What situation can you use Multi rigs for?

A brilliant and versatile rig that can be fished almost anywhere on any venue, whether it be to showing fish, low weed, silt and gravel.


What components do I need?

Out turned eyed hook  or chod hook. Some coated braid, a bit of tungsten putty, one hook bead, one bait screw or small swivel.

components for tying a multi rig


How do I tie a Multi-rig?


Step 1. Take around 12 inches of your chosen coated braid.



Step 2: Make a large loop using a figure of eight knot, moisten the knot then pull tight using a puller tool.
Do the same at the other end to attach to your end tackle but keep this loop a bit smaller.


tying a loop to attach to the mainline



Step 3: Strip back a few mm of the braid down to the large loop

strip back a few mm of coating on the braid


Step 4: Slide a hookbead onto the hook shank. This will help keep everything tidy once tied.


hook bead needed on carp hook for multi rig


Step 5: Thread the braid loop (the large loop end) through the eye of the hook followed by a swivel or bait screw. Then pull the loop round and over the hook point and pull it down tight to the hook bead.


tying a multi rig


Step 6: Add your chosen pop-up to the bait screw or swivel. Our Foodbait pop-ups are perfect for this rig


adding a pop up to a bait screw


Step 7: Add some putty to the loop knot. This will critically balance the rig and create a rapid hooking effect when the carp sucks up the bait



foodbait pop-ups are an ideal bait for multi rigs

The finished rig should look like this when in the water


the finished multi rig what carp could resist



This carp fell to a multi rig and foodbait pop-up approach

This carp caught by Mitch Henderson fell to a multi rig and foodbait pop-up approach



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