Dynamite Baits

12 marca, 2018 | Karp | Wędkarze | Profesjonalny

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Name: Thomas Santandrea

Also known as: Thommy


Age: 35

Hometown & Country: Bologna/Italy

Occupation: shop assistant

PB Mirror PB: 50 lb


PB Common: 47 lb

Other PB: Amur 44 lb

Favorite Boilie: The Source, Robin Red, Complex – T

Most used rig: Blow out rig, D-Rig

Places fished: Italy, France, Slovenia

Favorite Places: Small and Large Canals, Natural and Artificial Italian Lakes.

Favorite venue: A common carp of over 20 kg in a small canal where I often fishing.


Top Carp fishing tip: Fishing with efficient bait guarantees a great chance of catching even in harsh environments, and thanks to the dynamite baits  everything is possible.

Highlight of the fishing career: The capture of a very beautiful mirror in a place very dear to me, captured in a cold spring night, an unforgettable fight.


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