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6 kwietnia, 2018 | Karp | Nowości

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It was another action-packed month for carp and specimen anglers using Dynamite products and our: catchshots@dynamitebaits.com email inbox received some fantastic entries from people catching carp on our bait.


Our favourite catch photo is the one sent in to us from carp angler, Richard Beamish with this stunning mirror during a carp fishing session at Burgh Castle Fisheries. Richard caught the specimen on a Ronnie Rig with a Red Amo pop-up.

Scroll down to see some of the other entries…

catch of the month carp fishing

Richard Beamish, Red Amo pop-up, Burgh Castle Fisheries


Darren Brown Red Amo pop-up caught carp

Darren Brown, 25lb 4oz, Red Amo Corkball pop-up, Oakbank Lakes


carp fisherman Manuel Bizzo common carp caught on The Source pop-up

Manuel Bizzo, 15mm The Source pop-up, French stillwater


carp fisherman Michael Mostecky  Carptech Krill & Crayfish boilie

Michael Mostecky, 25lb, Carptech Krill & Crayfish boilie tipped with fake corn, German stillwater


25lb 10oz on the source boilie a great carp fishing bait

Peter Baker, 25lb 10oz, The Source boilie, Northlands Park Fishery



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