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Hot Fish & GLM boilies have been developed in conjunction with big fish angler and former world record holder Emir Caro.

This boilie simply has years of experience and testing under its belt – being one of his own favourite pre-Dynamite recipes.

As a self-confessed carp-fishing addict, Emir has a wealth of knowledge, expertise and carpy ‘know-how’, and he has actually been using almost ‘this very same bait’ for nearly 20-years – complimenting his favourite Dynamite boilies.  When we got together with Emir, we were able to rejuvenate something that we reckon is that ‘little bit special’ and also totally exclusive. We are happy to be able to share just one of Emir’s secrets of his past success!

A proven ‘big-fish’ catcher, it is based on an exclusive mix of high-quality fishmeal and bird food, which once combined with the unique blend of natural Asian flavours, tastes and spices instantly fill the angler with confidence from their very first sight and smell of the bait.

Currently, Emir has landed fish to over 84lb (38.45kg) as well as another nine-different fish over the magical 30kgs mark. A true testament to Emir’s experience and dedication.

„Mary” at 84lb 12oz and „Silver” weighing 82lb 1oz

The tailor-made base mix creates a tight textured offering that at the same time demonstrates the incredible leakage rates of a boilie with a much 'looser’ texture, making it perfect for both quick hits and sustained campaigns or even pre-baiting.

Other ingredients, alongside the special 'spice mix’, we have included high-grade tuna meal, often regarded as one of the world’s best fish attractors, the finest New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel, another proven feed stimulant and food-grade garlic.  The Hot Fish & GLM boilie contains no synthetic flavours, colours or additives.

The dark colouration of the bait means that it remains discrete on the lakebed and attractive to carp but avoiding unwanted bird life.  Due to the combination of ingredients, this dark colour won’t wash out either, so again it is a bait that is absolutely perfect for long-term use.

Hot Fish boilies

Following extensive testing, which has seen Emir using the bait exclusively over the past 18-months, on a range of different venues all over Europe – it has proven to be immediately attractive to big carp again and again.  In fact, the results have been outstanding with a huge number of specimen carp being caught during the bait’s field testing phase.

Some of Emir’s more recent captures using the Hot Fish & GLM include a 35kg mirror carp from Lake Sumba, a 32.5kg and a third 30kg-plus both from a 'new’ water in Germany.

35kg mirror from lake Sumbar on 'Hot Fish’

Another 'Hot Fish’ stunner weighing 32.5kg

The range includes both 15mm and 20mm shelf life boilies, available in one kilo bags and a slightly hardened 26mm version, sold in 350g bags.

There is also a matching food bait pop-up and a corresponding 500ml PVA-friendly liquid attractant.

15mm & 20mm boilies in 1kg, 26mm hookbaits (350g), 15mm pop-ups and 500ml liquid attractant

Hot Fish & GLM really is an incredible fishmeal boilie and one you can’t find anywhere else.  Don’t just take our word for it, try it yourself and see just how good it is.

We can guarantee you won’t be disappointed with the results…

Available now (Europe only)



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