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25 października, 2017 | Spławik & Ryby spokojnego żeru | Artykuły | Nowości

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I’ve enjoyed some superb sport over the last few months targeting a variety of species. Early summer I decided on a trip down south, searching for a new species for me – golden orfe.

Perhaps not everyone’s cup of tea, as they are seen as maybe more of an ornamental species, with the tench not yet 'switched on’ by early-May on my chosen venue I thought it best to chase something else rather than sit behind static bobbins.

Arriving at the lake, a cold northerly was blasting across the adjoining fields, so with this in mind, I set out my stall to fish a few small balls of Green Swim Stim groundbait and red pineapple-flavoured maggots through a small Kamasan feeder, looking to build up the swim as the day progressed. A few small tench showed up in the morning, but apart from a few fish rolling at range, the orfe failed to make an appearance. By late afternoon, I had resigned myself to a failed trip, when the bobbin rose. This time a large golden shape rolled on the surface and I knew I had hooked my target. In a short feeding spell, several fish were landed as well as a very nice fish, which slipped the hook at the net! All in all, a very enjoyable day catching what is a stunning looking fish.

Stunning golden orfe

With the water starting to warm up nicely, I changed venue to a tricky tench lake I’ve been fishing the last few seasons. With it being predominantly a carp fishery, the tench have become accustomed to boilies. I’ve tried maggot, worm and corn on the venue, but with the hordes of silver fish that thrive in the clear water, it was obvious it would be hard to keep a bait in the water. Even switching to fake baits didn’t seem to deter them.

A fishmeal-type bait is needed, so I started each session feeding crumbed Complex-T, alongside a handful of 10mms, mixed with Frenzied hemp, which was Spombed to clear areas amongst the weed beds. As expected, the fishing was tough going but very enjoyable catching some lovely fish to over 9lb on scaled down carp tactics.

Pick of the days tench

By way of a change another venue I found was far more prolific for the tench, where traditional baits worked far more effectively. An early start was called for, due to weather conditions becoming warmer and brighter, as the longer summer days wore on. Fishing the center of the lake and baiting heavily with a mixture of Frenzied hemp, corn and Grubby ground bait. I fished feeders over the top and by the time the early morning mist was rising the fish would move in. Some mornings, twenty-plus fish were landed in a short feeding spell before I’d had my fill and eventually returned to the harder water where tactics were different and sport slower due to the low stock and bigger fish.

Prolific tench session

The tench really seemed to home in on the CompleX-T and I had a feeling the barbel would find them to their liking also. With the river season underway, the car was packed and I was heading towards the Trent at the earliest opportunity, which was badly timed, with another hot spell (not that I’m complaining). My fishing time is limited and so when I get free time I’m off whatever the weather.

Arriving mid-afternoon to a favourite spot, a bait dropper was employed to introduce a bed of Frenzied hemp and broken CompleX-T boilies. Leaving the swim to settle for a few hours, within minutes of casting out any doubts I had about the new boilies were answered when the first take of the new season was actually a double take as a shoal of barbel had moved onto the bed of feed. What a great start to the new season!

Barbel on CompleX-T

The takes came thick and fast with over 20 barbel and chub falling to the winning tactic, great fun in the fast-flowing water.

Switching between PVAs bags of crumbed boilies and Robin Red groundbait or feeders of hemp, a return visit the next week saw similar success with my first double of the season landed amongst several other stunning fish. Long hook lengths with small hooks and trimmed-down hook baits being the winning rigs on these early trips.

With summer well behind us and moving towards early autumn I’ve secured access to a large gravel pit that is home to some massive bream. I was hoping I could keep the ball rolling and get among them and with 10-nights behind me, the bream are yet to make an appearance! I’m baiting heavily with corn, Mixed Particles and high oil trout pellets. All this is mixed and spodded to around 70-yards, where I’ve been targeting an area of clean gravel and light silt. Although the bream have failed to show yet, I’ve been having regular action from the carp, which are certainly falling for the smaller baits they are used to finding.

Paul Elt

Paul Elt with a lovely common

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