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12 sierpnia, 2022 | Articles | Match & Coarse | Tips

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How To Make Method Feeder Clusters

Every now and then a bait hack comes along that absolutely transforms your fishing and for a few years now, Mark Cree has been sacking up using what he calls the Method Feeder Cluster rig. The idea of the rig is to use the sticky nature of our Dynamite Durables to help your Method feeder pellets cling to them. Not only does this combine two incredible baits together to create a super hookbait, the ploy also helps your hookbait blend in with your feed. In the below steps, we’re going to show you how to make it!

Before we start, these are the baits you’re going to need. Any 2mm pellet will do and for this demonstration, we’ve used Swim Stim 2mm F1 Sweet Pellets. You must however have a pot of Durables handy in either 4mm, 6mm or 8mm sizes. A flat bed Method Feeder such as a Guru Hybrid or Banjo feeder will also be handy for this hookbait.


Step One

Take your Method Feeder hookbait and mount a Durable to the hair rig. You must then soak the durable in water for around five minutes. It pays to have a number of hooklinks and hookbaits soaking in water so that you can swap between casts easily.

Step Two

Now roll or cover your Durable in your dampened Method Feeder pellets and give the hookbait a slight squeeze to help the pellets stick firmly.


Your finished hookbait should look like this.

Step Three

Now load your feeder as normal. Mark prefers to load his feeder with a plug of pellets before inserting the hookbait…

Load the feeder with pellets.

Step Four

Press your thumb down in the middle of the pellets to create a dip.

The dip will help house your Durable cluster.

Step Five

Fill your mould with pellets and place the Durable cluster in the centre…

The hookbait is virtually invisible!

Step Six

Now place your feeder into the mould and release.

Step Seven

The finished rig is now ready to cast out. This is what your hookbait and feed will look like under water… See if you can spot the hookbait! An excellent rig for wary fish.

Step Eight

Reap the rewards!


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