Dynamite Baits

17 augustus, 2016 | Carp | Tips | News

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Spring, summer, autumn or winter, where I’d be without a white pop up I don’t know.  I’m not a fish scientist, but I do have my theories why white is such a brilliant colour for a hook bait all year round. Obviously there’s the visual aspect, it goes without saying that white over any darker back ground will stand out, so in situations where’s there’s coloured water, or weed, silt, or even snaggy area where the tree canopy’s can obstruct the light levels, white will give you that edge I feel.

There is the flip side where anglers will only use a matching hook bait to what they’re feeding, now yes that’s a very good tactic, but I like the curiosity factor where my hook bait gets taken first, rather than last.  Sure, there’s no concrete proof in this, it’s all self-confidence as I’m a huge fan of bright hook baits, but until it stops producing I’m not about to change.

Each pot contains a small Source liquid booster

There’s then the smell to introduce, this year it’s been the little 10 mm white Source pop-ups that’s worked, but in the pot is a small amount of Source flavour, which id strongly suggest pouring over the whole pot.  This will soak in for weeks, or even months, and it soaks so well inside the bait that even after being out in the pond overnight you can still smell the flavour on reeling in, plus the addition of the flavour doesn’t seem to affect the buoyancy of the bait one bit.  Fruity flavours seem to come into their own during the winter, but being honest I had some great winter action on the source during the cooler months last year, so certainly not a summer only hook bait.

Iain Macmillan

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