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10 juli, 2014 | Carp | Tips | Articles

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In this short guide I describe how I make my hugely successful hookbait – “the Sludge-Bomb”, which has attracted a couple of specimens in the last few weeks from a highly pressured gravel pit (this included my two biggest fish of all time from this venue).

I’m sure this bait boosting technique works in many variations and the following guide is just one possibility and a personal preference using some specific Dynamite products that work perfectly for me.

What you need:

Dynamite Baits The Source 26mm

  • A cooker, a kettle and some water
  • 26mm boilies (in my case “The Source” and “The Crave” do the business)
  • Liquids (The Source, The Crave, Marine Halibut hookbait dip and CSL)
  • Groundbait (in my case Marine Halibut)
  • 2 empty pots made of a thick enough material (thinner materials will become deformed by the hot water – therefore I personally use an empty pop-up or paste pot)

Step 1:

Add the hot water

Put some boilies in one of the empty pots and boil some water. Then fill the hookbait-pot with the hot water so that the boilies are completely covered.

Step 2:

Opens up the cells

Let it brew for around 5 minutes. Now the cells of the outer boilie layers are opened again and ready for deep soaking.

Step 3:

Dynamite Baits Liquids

After removing the hot water from of the pot, add the liquids…

The Source Liquid, The Crave Liquid, Marine Halibut Liquid

Step 4:

Leave for up to 1 week

Close the lid of the pot and shake it like a “professional bartender” before leaving it to soak for at least one or two weeks. It also works with shorter soaking times, but after one week I can be sure that the liquids are penetrated to the core of the bait.

Step 5:

Empty boilies into another pot

After the soaking time is up empty the liquid into a spare pot (this way you can re-use the liquids).

Step 6:

Dynamite Baits Marine Halibut Groundbait

Add some groundbait and a small amount of The Source or The Crave liquid, close the pot and shake it again.

Step 7:

Alexander Hager How To

The “Sludge-Bomb” is born and ready for attracting some monster carp.

Using this bait I’ve managed to catch the first two carp over 20kg from a local gravel pit and both within the last 4 weeks. I had to wait for 8 YEARS to net my first 20kg+ fish on this venue – and then I land two in a month – unbelievable!

52lb 7oz common

Venue record for Alex Hager

49lb 10oz

20kg+ Austrian common carp

Tight Lines

Alex “Sludge” Hager

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