Dynamite Baits

4 februari, 2017 | Carp | News

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It’s been a tough start to the year for Ashley James but a lovely scaly last weekend got his season underway.

“I’ve been struggling on the lakes due to the harsh winter conditions but instead of sitting in watching TV I’d been on the rivers until the weather improved. Well last weekend my luck was in. Slightly warmer weather, rain and a little bit of wind was forecast so I prepared for a weekend session down Hightown Lake. Cushty!


Ashley James 22lb scaly mirror

As I arrived it was hammering it down with rain, but with only one other angler on the lake I couldn’t ignore the change in conditions. I had a quick walk round the lake and decided to jump in a swim called The Pipe. Out in front of the Pipe is a large area of open water but from what I gathered all the fish have come out towards the back bay which is a good 200 yard cast and only 3-4ft deep. Unfortunately this is out of my casting range but I still decided to chuck two CompleX-T pop-ups at around 170 yards towards the back bay just to see if I could pick up a bite.

Once my two stiff hinge rigs were in position I sat back and watched the water but there were no signs of any carpy activity. As night started to fall I wasn’t feeling confident at all, but then a friend turned up that has fished this venue a lot more then myself recently – he told me that he hadn’t really seen anything show during any of his sessions, so this picked my confidence up a little.

My friend Matt didn’t bother setting his kit up till the morning so we both sat in my bivvy having a chat while watching the water, but still no sign of a carp. By this time I was feeling exhausted and decided to get some sleep in. At 11:30 I was woken up by a complete Tina churner on the left hand rod. From the word go it kited towards Matt’s swim so I had to clamp down to try and turn it. As I clamped down slowly the fish was still trying to take line (I honestly thought I was into a whopper at this point) but luckily she started to turn. Even when the fish was by the net it still had a lot of life left in it, it was just unreal! After a brilliant twenty minute battle I finally lifted the net over my first carp of the year, not the whopper I was expecting but a lovely 22lb+ mirror that was more than welcome!”

Buzzing! Ashley James

Caught on a CompleX-T pop-up


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