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4 juni, 2021 | Carp | News

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Around the World in 80 Seconds

A short review of carp fishing catches from anglers using our baits across the globe…

Here’s some of the best Dynamite catches recorded across the globe during the month of May:



Despite the weather being freezing cold for May, Carlos Mateo still managed to bank this chunky 20kg common on a Monster Tiger Nut Red-Amo boilie

Check out the other Spanish catches on our Dynamite Spain Facebook page, here.


Austrian carper Alex Hager hooked this BEASTLY 33.6kg mirror following 48 bite-less hours of fishing! A 20mm Source boilie topped with a white Hit N Run dumbell produced the goods…


A superb mirror for Mathis Korn who hooked the fish some 200m away tight up to some overhanging trees! A snowman rig made from a 20mm Crave boilie topped with a 15mm washed out pop-up did the trick after he first baited his spot with 10 20mm Crave boilies mixed with pellets.

Check out the other German catches on our Dynamite DACH Facebook page, here.


Radek Bis with one of Lake Pusiano’s wonderful carp at 28.5 kg. It fell to a Snowman rig made with a 26mm CompleX-T bottom bait with a White Chocolate & Coconut Cream 20 mm pop-up topper.

Check out the other Italian catches on our Dynamite Italy Facebook page, here.


Slovenian big fish chaser Kristof Cuderman said his trip to Lake Pelagičevo in Bosnia was the best he’s ever had. During his 16-day stay, he and his friends banked 81 carp, 27 of which were over 20 kg and 12 over 25 kg. It was the capture of this 34.2kg mirror that proved to be the cherry on the cake however, as it’s now the new Lake Pelagičevo mirror carp record! Kristof used Dynamite’s Squid & Octopus boilies and Sweet Tiger & Corn boilies over a bed of matching baits plus Meat Further and Shrimp and Krill pellets.



Portuguese angler José Belbuche used a Squid & Octopus boilie with a fake yellow corn topper to tempt this 18kg carp.


James Buckler hit the headlines back in May when he banked one of Linear Fisheries’ most sought-after carp – Kempy’s Linear. She fell to a 15mm Yellow Hit-n-Run pop-up trimmed down and fished over 12mm Monster Tiger Nut Boilies, Frenzied Hempseed and Corn.

Jack Lamb managed to land Horton Church Lake’s largest carp known as ‘Fingers’ at a new record weight of 56lb 3oz. He said: “After catching “Spot” at 42lb last week I managed to get back down the lake for 72 hours. It was fairly busy but the same peg was available so I decided to jump in there. It’s not my preferred style of fishing but I decided to bait and wait. 5kg of 12mm CompleX-T glugged in the matching liquid, a 2.5L jar of natural hemp and 2kg of 3mm halibut pellet was mixed and soon deposited to the spot, and Yellow Hit N Run wafters were cast over the top. The fish had been active so I was confident they’d get their heads down to feed at some stage… After a long wait, it finally happened at 5am on the third morning and the rod ripped off. After the the hardest fight from a carp I’ve ever had, ‘Fingers’ was soon in my net at a record weight of 56lb 3oz!”

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