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1 March, 2018 | Match & Coarse | News | Catches


A Crave boilie has accounted for the season’s biggest barbel – a colossal 19lb 1oz specimen.

The stunning creature was tempted on a 15mm Crave boilie wrapped in paste and was caught by big fish specialist Adrian Eves from an unknown stretch of Southern waterway.

The fish which could be the biggest living barbel in the UK, set a new personal best for Adrian by more than 2lb and was caught after he fed a number of likely looking swims along the small stretch using the Crave.


He said:  “It was mid-afternoon and after baiting a few swims I settled in front of this snag where I knew there was an area of deeper water.

“I used the same tactics last week and lost a fish, so there was always a chance of catching one on the day.”

To have better control of playing and landing a big barbel Adrian fished upstream of the snag so he could use the flow to bully it out of the swim.

Adrian Eves with his 19lb 10oz Crave Boilie caught barbel

Adrian Eves with his 19lb 10oz Crave Boilie caught barbel


He continued: “I wasn’t fishing for long when I received a single tap and then the whole rod sailed around.

“The fight was ridiculous as it immediately bolted downstream and I just had to keep holding it and holding it, whilst trying to bully it in.

“I knew if I gave it any head way I would’ve lost it but after what seemed like an eternity, (but probably only a couple of minutes), I managed to pull it to the surface.

“It was here that I realised it was a new personal best as the girth of it was massive.

“The landing of the barbel was very cagey as there’s a 5ft drop to the water, but luckily I was able to scoop it in.”


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