Dynamite Baits

19 Marzo, 2017 | Carpa | Pescatori

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I was first introduced to fishing by my dad when I was 7 years old. We went mackerel fishing off a boat in wales and I was hooked! I started off freshwater fishing by catching small roach and perch down a local lake and soon became infatuated with catching the biggest and best looking specimens. My carp fishing evolved from here and I was soon targeting the big carp in lakes local to me, one of which my dad still bailiffs now! My love for the hobby has never faltered and I get more and more excited by my fishing every time I go.

Name: David Williams

Hometown: Hereford

Occupation: Sales assistant at Maidenhead Aquatics

PB UK common: 28lb 12oz

PB UK mirror: 44lb 4oz

Foreign PB: 45lb 10oz

Favourite boilie: CompleX-T 15mm

Most used rig: Ronnie rig

Favourite venue: Wraysbury 1

Fish you would most like to catch: A big fully scaled called the “Croc”

Highlight of angling career: Stalking the biggest fish in my local club lake ‘the Broken Lin’

Aim in angling: To simply enjoy myself and catch whatever I’m fishing for at the time

Top carp angling tip: Believe you can and you’re halfway there, stick to what you know works, it’ll happen eventually.


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