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9 Maggio, 2017 | Carpa | Notizia

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Just like last year my first session of this year was at Monster Carp Lake in Romania and I was joined on the trip by my good friend Srečko.

It’s a nice small lake but very difficult and the conditions this year were even more challenging than before with a lot more weed, muddy water and far from perfect weather for the time of year. A week before we came to the lake the water temperature was 18 degrees but dropped to 15 as we arrived and was just 9 degrees by the time we left.

During the trip we used the new CompleX-T boilies, Squid & Octopus and Marine Halibut, always using a 20mm boilie with a 15mm Fluro pop-up for hook bait. We also fed my favourite mix of pellets which included The Source, Marine Halibut and Swim Stim.

Despite the conditions we were very happy with the results we had. By the end of the trip we’d caught 11 fish in 10 days between us with 5 of these weighing over 25kg. Srečko caught carp of 28,1kg, 27,8kg and 25,1 kg and I managed two beauties of 27,7 kg and 25,2 kg.

Kristof Cuderman

Kristof with his biggest fish of the trip caught on a Complex-T 20mm with a matching 15mm Fluro pop-up


Srecko’s 28,1kg common which fell to a Marine Halibut 20mm with a 15mm Butyric-C pop-up – snowman style


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