Dynamite Baits

18 Ottobre, 2017 | Carpa | Notizia

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Thomas Cywka made the most of his break in the football season with two succesful autumn sessions on a local gravel pit…

“For both sessions I was on the lake for just over 36 hours so I wanted to make most of it and as it turned out both sessions were very fruitful.

I used ComplexT and Red-Amo throughout, tipping my bottom baits with different pop-ups and the carp loved them all.

The results you can see below, the biggest being 43lb 6oz and 40lb 7oz. I also had a beautiful scaly mirror at 34lb and unexpected orange koi.”

“Next up for me is a 3 week winter session at Rainbow which I have a couple of months to prepare for.”

Thomas Cywka

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