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22 février, 2017 | Carpe | Actualités

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Emir Caro recently returned from a week long session at Murphy’s Lake in France. Having fished the venue before Emir set himself the target of landing at least 1 fish over 20kg during his stay…

« Me and my mate Mario arrived at our friends house in Echourgnac (Dordogne Region) on Monday evening after a gruelling 11 hours drive to Murphy’s Lake in France. It had been raining hard for some time so we decided to just  pre-bait some spots and stay overnight at our friends Pete and Shell for dinner and to chill-out after the long journey. « For pre-baiting we fed a mix of Frenzied Particles, Maize and chopped Tigernuts with a few 15 mm Monster Tiger Nut boilies. »

« We woke up about 8 o’clock the next morning and after a nice cup of coffee and fresh croissants we headed off to the lake. « The sun came out and the weather forecast for the next few days looked nice. We set everything up quickly and our rods went straight out that afternoon. « The water temperature was around 8 degrees which was not the best, but conditions were set to improve for the next few days with sunshine and temperatures of 20+ predicted! »

« Our friends Pete and Shell did a great barbeque for us that evening as they always do and we enjoyed catching up on everything. « Just as darkness began to creep in my right hand rod signalled a couple of single bleeps. « It felt like a bream but instead a nice small common broke the surface in the beam of my head torch. « Yessss, my first carp of 2017! « We were happy, the fish seem to be feeding! »

« After a nice photo we released this small but very welcome common back into the lake, everything was perfect. « Our friends left late that evening and soon after we were in our bivvies. »

« At about 3 o’clock in the morning my middle rod produced a nice run before the fish was snagged. « I went straight out in the boat and as soon I was over the fish he was free. « After a short fight I had a nice mirror in my landing net. Mario was also awake now and helped me to get the fish into the retainer sling. « At 33lb it was a very pleasing start! »


« Nothing else happened until the next afternoon when at about 2 pm my left hand rod on the other side of the lake produced an nice run. « The fish didn’t put up much resistance and was soon in my landing net, a nice 29lb common. « I was more than happy…awesome! »

« A warm and sunny day ended and before darkness arrived all rods were on their spots again. « The next morning arrived but with no action and we decided to leave our rods and not change anything until the next day. « Nothing happened that day and night, no action at all after 36 hours. »

« A screaming run on my right rod woke me up at around 4 am on Thursday morning and before long I had another small common in my net. « It seemed that the morning hours were the most effective. »

« At about 7 am I had another take on my middle rod. « The fish took line and fought very well, taking me nearly 10 minutes to get him into my net. « It was another nice mirror with big scales and 40lb+ too! « It was still a little dark so we decided to sack the fish. « After a couple cups of coffee my next rod screamed off, it was crazy…after 36 hours of nothing I had my third take that morning! « This time a nice looking long mirror of 47lb 5oz. Yessss…bingo…I’d said to Pete I just wanted to have one fish over 20kg+ and it had happened! »

Murphy's Lake mirror


« Nothing happened during the rest of that day or on the last Friday night but I did manage a nice looking mirror of 40lb on the last morning. »

Emir Caro

« I was very happy, 7 fish up to 47lb 5oz…incredible! « I had all my fish on Monster Tigernut 15mm boilie with a 10mm Monster Tigernut White Fluro Dumbell coated in Monster Tigernut Hookbait Dip. »

« We left the lake about midday and I felt more than happy with the nice results I’d had. « I must also say thanks to Mario for a his great company and also to Pete and Shell for another great time at Murphy’s Lake »

Emir Caro

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