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14 février, 2019 | Carpe | Articles | Actualités

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Top carper Thomas Cywka recalls a successful Christmas carp fishing trip to Rainbow Lake

The Polish angler banked several big fish including a PB busting 34.5kg/76lb common from famous French venue. Here he tells his story…


thomas cywka rainbow lake carp fishing catch


« As usual for winter time, I turned to Monster Tiger Nut and Red Amo boilies, along with some CompleX-T boilies to mix things up a little. Most of all I focused on preparing particles that can work wonders during the colder months including Dynamite’s Frenzied Particles.

I opted to visit Rainbow during the Christmas break for a two week long session. My first week on peg 14 started well,with first fish being caught on Sunday morning. Since then I was getting one, sometimes two fish a day,with biggest being 23kg/50.8lb.

thomas cywka rainbow lake carp

Thomas’ first week saw him bank carp to 23kg


After a New Year’s party on the Monday night, I came back to the swim around 2:30am and put all four of my rods back to the spots. It wasn’t that easy with very thick fog and pitch black conditions but I couldn’t just go to bed without rods in the water. However, by Thursday morning my alarms hadn’t bleeped once. I checked all four of them that morning, to make sure they were all working… and they did bleep.

rainbow lake carp fishing


I need not have worried as just few hours later at around 10:30am I received a drop back bit and jumped into the boat and off I went to land it. It was deepest spot I had fished, just over 6m with very soft bottom. Lots of anglers prefer very hard bottoms but I decided to try something different that trip and i was working.

I could see the fish going across the lake,towards my other rod,but I managed to turn it back and netted it quite quickly. I looked into the net and knew it was a big on but not very long so I was unsure of the weight. It was very wide, but short hence I was holding back from getting too excited…Then it turned on its side and I could see how deep it was! I knew it was something a bit special.

A couple of days before my friend John was showing me pics of all named fish in the lake. One of them was ‘Dino’ a very recognizable fish. When I arrived back to the bank John confirmed its Dino and the scales went up to 34.5kg/76lb! Just 500gr more that my previous PB- I was over the moon!

dino one of Rainbow Lake's biggest carp

Dino – a new PB for Thomas caught on Monster Tiger Nut Red Amo and Source combo



The spot i tempted Dino from was pre-baited with around 3kg of particles plus two handfuls of Red Amo and ComplexT boiles, whole and crushed. On the hair rig, as always on my Rainbow trips, Red Amo with a Source pop-up.

Dino ended up being my only fish during a slow second week on peg 14 and for the rest of the eight days of my trip I haven’t received any more takes. Water went from 10 degrees C on arrival to 4 degrees C in my third week (peg 7/8/9) and that was what probably killed the fishing in fairness. Of course my trip was already done after the big one and I really couldn’t ask for anything more.

I drove back whole 2000km to Poland  with huge smile on my face…I’ll be back

christmas at Rainbow

Thomas celebrated Christmas and a new PB at Rainbow!


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