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24 August, 2020 | Carp | News


Super Sumbar for Cuderman

Big carp ace, Kristof Cuderman reports from a recent carp fishing trip to Croatia’s Sumbar Lake.


Kristof continues..

First trip this year, at one of my favorite lakes, was really good for me. Lake Šumbar in Croatia never disappoints and it didn’t disappoint this time either.

It was hot in Croatia August when I was at the lake with a group of friends. First three days of fishing were extremely hot and humid. Water temperatures reached 31,5 degrees Celsius on the surface during the day. After that, strong storms during our fourth day of fishing brought some hail and strong winds that broke a few branches and carried away one bivvy. Thankfully everything and everyone was ok.

As I am already used to high temperatures these are never a reason for fish to stop eating at Šumbar. It’s quite the opposite. Many times the hottest of days are the ones that bring the best results.

This fishing session I used Red Amo and Monster Tiger Nut boilies in various sizes. I caught quite many nice carp but my favourite were three big commons – 26,1 kg, 28,1 kg and 30,5 kg which are pictured below…




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