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12 November, 2018 | Carp | Videos | Tips | Articles


Pete Castle’s Autumn Carp Fishing Tips

Keep carp coming over the cord when the water starts turning cold with top carper, Pete’s hot video tips..


Carp are always willing to feed when winter. However, after a long hard summer, the fish by this stage have might have become weary and rig shy particularly on venues which have seen a lot of angling pressure. Pete’s here to help you keep the alarm sounding with four top video tips including the best bait presentations and top carp baits for autumn time.



1) Get naked!

As the fish have seen a lot of angling pressure, Pete runs through how he sets up his rig, removing all of the ‘unnecessary’ bits and pieces, giving him the most effective presentation for this time of year.



2) Trim it down

As fish are feeding more on naturals now, Pete’s advice regards hookbait choice is to go small, trimming down a heavily-glugged Complex-T Hardened Hookbait is the way to go.



3) Bite at a time

In autumn, it’s often good practice to fish for one fish at a time rather than going for a ‘big hit’. In this video, Pete explains how and why he sets these little tarps in the swim, looking to ‘trip-up’ that autumn lump!


4) Washing up

Washed-out baits get a bit of bad press as many anglers seem to think that you remove all of the attraction and goodness through the soaking process. Nothing could be further from the truth, as Pete explains here…

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