Dynamite Baits

The Source Foodbait Pop Ups

About the Product

  • Designed to perfectly complement our boilie range
  • Super buoyant and resilient hook baits
  • Available in 15mm and 20mm (Export only)
  • All pop-ups come with concentrated liquid booster


  • High protein low temperature fishmeal
  • Haith’s Robin Red®
  • Special secret spice mix
  • Red Factor®
  • Crushed egg shell
  • Terry’s special secret attractors

The Range

  • Shelf life boilies 10mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm — 1kg &  5kg bags
  • 14mm  dumbells  (shelf & freezer) — 1kg
  • 26mm — 350g bags
  • 14mm  dumbells — 1kg
  • Base Mix — 1kg
  • Freezer baits  15mm and 18mm — 1kg & 5kg bags
  • 14mm  dumbells — 1kg
  • Pop ups  — 15 and 20mm
  • White Fluro pop ups  10, 15, 20mm
  • Cork ball pop ups  & wafters  — 15mm
  • Hardened hookbaits
  • Re-hydration liquid attractant — 500ml
  • Hookbait Concentrate Dip — 100ml
  • Feed Pellets in 4mm, 6mm and 8mm — 900g
  • Pre-Drilled hook pellets  8, 14, 21mm — 350g
  • Stick Mix — 1kg
  • Groundbait — 900g
  • Paste

Send us your catch shots on this bait

Here is your chance to star on the dynamitebaits.kinsta.cloud website. Simply send your catch pic using the form below and we will upload your catch to our gallery as soon as possible. We’ll pick a monthly winner who will receive a prize bait package.

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