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Dynamite Baits

9 February, 2018 | Match & Coarse | Anglers


Ben Fisk

Name: Ben Fisk

AKA: Fisky 


Town: Leeds 


Job: None currently, I’ve just finished working for Angling Times after 12 years 


Team: Lindholme Lakes National Team 


Favourite Venues: The River Wharfe, Lindholme and Partridge Lakes  


Favourite Methods: Stickfloat and the pole shallow 


Favourite Bait: Casters and maggots


Top Tip: Always mix your groundbait (Dynamite off course!) a fair bit wetter than you need to start with, to compensate for it drying out on that first mix 


Achievements: Fish O’ Mania finalist 2016, Maver Match This finalist 2014 and 2015, 4 x Parkdean Masters finalist (runner up twice), 3 x Kamasan British Open finalist (runner up once), 3 x Lindholme Lakes festival winner, Commercial National team champions 2017 


Ultimate Aims: To win one of the four BIG money finals, nobody remembers second! 

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