Dynamite Baits

Swim Stim F1 Sweet Pellets

About the Product

All the benefits of our original SwimStim Amino pellets but with an added sweet palatant to help draw F1’s, carp or silverfish into your swim. Available in 2mm, 4mm, 6mm and 8mm versions. NEW for 2021, now in recyclable packaging.

  • Made using Koi technology
  • Added F1 Sweet palatant
  • Great for feeding via pole cup or soaked to go in or on feeders.


The Range

Swim Stim F1 Sweet Groundbait – 800g

Swim Stim F1 Sweet Pellet Soak – 500ml

Swim Stim F1 Sweet 2mm Pellets – 900g

Swim Stim F1 Sweet 4mm Pellets – 900g

Swim Stim F1 Sweet 6mm Pellets – 900g

Swim Stim F1 Sweet 8mm Pellets – 900g

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