Dynamite Baits

Mulberry Plum Boilies

About the Product

Now available in the UK. A sweet, nut and bird-food based bait with an intense fruity aroma that carp find irresistible. The range includes 15 and 20mm boilies as well as a ‘match-the-hatch’ pop-up and liquid attractant.

  • Instantly recognisable intense mulberry and sweet plum flavour that carp just can’t resist
  • A unique and attractive deep purple coloured boilie
  • An excellent all year round carp fishing boilie that works hard releasing strong feed signals during the colder months
  • Available in 1kg, 1.8kg and 5kg bags


The Range

The Range

  • Shelf life boilies 15mm, 20mm 1kg, 1.8kg and 5kg
  • Pop-ups 15mm
  • 500ml Liquid Attractant
  • 20mm Hard Hookbait

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