Dynamite Baits

Belachan Liquid Carp Food

About the Product

A highly pungent liquid flavouring, ideal for flavouring spod mixes, injecting in PVA bags and coating hookbaits. Contains fermented shrimp for a strong salty taste that oozes in the water and draws fish into your swim. A fantastic companion to our Liquid Carp Food range.

  • Highly viscous
  • Ultra-Pungent
  • PVA friendly
  • Fermented Shrimp
  • Proven flavour
  • 1 litre bottle

The Range

  • Premium Belachan Liquid
  • Premium Krill Liquid
  • Premium CSL Liquid
  • Premium Squid Liquid
  • Premium Garlic Liquid
  • Premium Robin Red Liquid
  • Premium Sweet Tiger Liquid
  • Premium Worm Liquid

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