Dynamite Baits

The Crave Foodbait Corkballs

About the Product

  • Corkball centre ensures maximum buoyancy
  • Supplied in an innovative ‘shake and boost’pot with liquid flavour enhancer already in the bottom to instantly coat your hook-bait
  • Available to perfectly match our premium boilie range
  • No need for any messing around and drilling
  • Available as 15mm only in both foodbait and highly visual fluro versions


  • Tuna meal
  • Sardine & Anchovy meal
  • Haiths Robin Red®
  • Haiths Nectar Blend®
  • Red Factor
  • Exclusive concentrated shrimp paste
  • Winterised salmon oil
  • Liquid liver

The Range

Shelf life boilies10mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm   –      1kg &  5kg bags
– 14mm  dumbells  (shelf & freezer)                           –       1kg
Freezer baits  15mm and 18mm.                             –       1kg & 5kg bags
– Base Mix                                                                       –       1kg

– Pop ups  – 15 and 20mm
– Pink fluro pop ups  10, 15, 20mm
– Cork ball pop ups  & wafters  – 15mm
– Re-hydration liquid attractant                                  –  500ml
– Hookbait Concentrate Dip                                        –  100ml

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