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9 Juli, 2018 | Karpfen | Anglers | Professional

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Name:  Csaba Haraszkó

Also known as: Chubby  J

Age:  35  Csaba Haraszkó

Hometown & Country: Nyíregyháza, Hungary

Occupation: Writer, own employed

Mirror PB: 27,2kg

Common PB: 25kg

Other PB’s:

Favourite boilie: The Source, Squid and Octopus

Most used rig: Blow back and Hinged stiff rig

Venues fished:  There are lot of good venue for carp fishing close to my home. Gravel lakes, day ticket waters, backwaters, rivers, large reservoir e.t.c. I fished all of them…

Favourite venues:  I prefer “hard court” waters like backwaters and big natural lakes. 

Target fish you would most like to catch: 27 + carp from a natural lake or river.

Top carp fishing tip: Anywhere you go, be humility but confident and spend as much time on the bank as you can.


Aim in angling: Discover new venues in Hungary and abroad as well. Collecting lot of experience and catch nice old virgin fishes. I would to step on the podium at big competitions like IBCC, European Professional Boilie Cup, Carp Fishing World Championship. I need a good team and high quality bait for it like Dynamite Baits.


Highlight of angling career: I caught two times the same carp from an untouchable natural lake. This fish was been caught by me. He’s called Big Head.

Countries Carp Fished:  Hungary, Romania


Other types of fishing: Basically I’m carp angler, but I started my fishing career as match angler, that’s why I like pole and feeder fishing but also for carps.



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/csaba.haraszko.3

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/csaba.haraszko/

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