Dynamite Baits

23 Februar, 2017 | Freidfisch | Anglers

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Roly McEneaney has an enviable reputation on the midlands
commercials and is one of the top method feeder anglers in
the country. The former Drennan Cup Knock-out finalist is a
hard man to beat.



Name: Roly McEneaney
Also known as: Roly
Age: 39
Hometown: Northampton
Venues fished: Makins/Meadowlands
Occupation: Electrician
Married/Single: Single
Team: N/A

Other sponsors: Shimanuo/Guru
Biggest match weight: 299lb 10oz Makins 5.5
Favourite bait: Swim Stim Pellets
Favourite method: Method
Favourite venue: MakinsTop angling tip: always use the freshest bait possible
Achievements: Drennan Cup Knock-out final 2010
Aim in angling: Keep enjoying fishing.

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