Dynamite Baits

19 února, 2018 | Kapr | Rybáři

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Name: René JAUKER


Also known as: “Tha Joka”


Age: 32, born in 1985


Hometown & Country: Vienna, Austria


Occupation: self-employed as carpenter


Mirror PB: 23,30 kg / 51,40 lbs


Common PB: 20,70 kg / 45,65 lbs


Other PB’s: sturgeon 35 kg / 77,20 lbs


Favourite boilie: Complex-T and Red Amo


Most used rig: KD – Rig


Venues fished: Hungary, Austria (most of all Styria), Croatia and France


Favourite venues: Balaton – Hungary


Target fish you would most like to catch: Carp over 30kg and Koi-Carp over 20kg


Top carp fishing tip: exactly on point and precisely


Aim in angling: 28+ kg at the WCC World Carp Classic


Highlight of angling career: be part of the Dynamite Baits family


National records: 18,55 kg / 40,90 lbs


Other types of fishing: target fish is still a carp but every surprise on the hook is always cool



Facebook: Tha Joka

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