Dynamite Baits

22 March, 2017 | Carp | Anglers


Markus has been angling since he was a child and this passion has fascinated him ever since. Markus started in the late 80’s spinning for trout and pike and later developed into a very good fisherman with the waggler. By the age of 13 his affection for the “English” style of fishing was evident.

Come the early 90’s Markus had engrossed himself with every kind of fishing literature. He also came to read an article about the ultimate bait said to catch huge carp…the boilie! In 1991 Markus put his first self-made boilie onto the hair and that was the start of his fishing career. Since then he has been catching countless carp, many of them of large weights.

Name: Markus Rosenberger

Age: 43

Hometown: Lieboch/Austria

Profession: Owner of Carphunter & Co Shop, Web-Fishing and Carphunter.at

PB common carp: 75lb

PB mirror carp: 66lb 4oz

Favourite Boilie: The Source and White Chocolate & Coconut Cream

Favourite Rigs: Combi Rigs, Fluorocarbon Rigs, Line Aligner Rigs

Waters: Big excavated lakes and natural lakes

Favourite Venue: Various

Carp Fishing Tip: Find your own style and try new ways.

The carp I’d like to catch most: An unknown, record carp out of any natural lake

Expert Tip: Have fun when you are angling and concentrate on your own fishing

Angling Career Highlights: Several times on the cover of German-speaking magazines, catching a 30kg+ mirror carp in the very last second before the venue was to be closed for public fishing

Angling Target: Having sufficient time for fishing and fishing on many new waters